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Strange, isn't it?
Alfred Nobel was a salesman of death, but his prizes were meant to people who help the humankind. In the 20th century fog, 700 persons got the noble prize, 150 of which had an ethnically Jewish heritage. This means 20% coverage by a population of 0,25%, numbering less than 20 million (http://www.jinfo.org/Nobel_Prizes.html; www.dorledor.org; www.science.co.il/Nobel.asp; Encyclopaedia Judaica). In the medicine, the portion of laureates is 25%, and often the deal has been either the money or the Nobel. At the first lectures of biochemistry we were told by a professor emeritus of a saying that the subject was not practiced outside Germany before the Jews were cast out.

Landsteiner developed two different blood categories, whence working transfusion began. Von  Wasserman tested vaccines or antitoxins against cholera, tuberculosis, syfilis, tetanus, typhoid, and diphteria. Marmorek made discoveries for multiple epidemics. Haffkine succesfully vaccinated against cholera. Schick developed diphteria-diagnostics and vaccines, Ehrlich salvarsan for syphilis. Neisser & Co. found gonococks causing gonorrhea. Digitalis found by Traube used to be the most used medicine at the time, and also Levine alleviated heart attacks. Typhoid fever was treated by the methods of Vidal and Weil, Woronan and Waksman found streptomysin, the most used chemotherapeutics of its day. Waksman introduced the phrase "antibiotic", and found also neomysin. Chain was one of the three awarded and knighted for penicillin. Funk invented the concept of vitamins and made research until D, whereas Hess concentrated on the C-letter and scurvy. Reichstein extracted cortison, cocaine used to be one of the first painkillers and tested by Koller to his friend Sigmund Freud (who, consequently, had to go through 33 face surgeries in his lifetime). Minkowski was involved in the story behind diabetes and insulin. Contributors to DNA techniques include Lederberg, Kornberg, Nirenberg etc. Salk institute, the unofficial headquarters of the actin biochemistry, recalls the heritage of Sabin and Salk. Jonas Salk granted an inactivated polio vaccine to the mankind although he became neither a Nobel laureate, nor a member of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States. No patent - no patient: in the countries that have adopted it to systematic use, the infantile paralysis has been almost eracidated.

"If we're going to have the Shield of David, why would we not have to accept the Swastika?" This phrase ruined the "Jeningrad" commission of Martti Ahtisaari, former president of Finland. The cynical tradition of Cornelio Sommaruga dates back to the days of Francis Poncet, when the commendant of Treblinka (Stangl), Death Angel with his Mengelian genetics, Butcher of Lyon (Barbie), the leader of the Gestapo in Poland (Kutschmann) etc. got the diplomacy passport of the International Red Cross via "Ratlines" to the South America. At least 800 of the Nazi scientists of the most opportunistic kind were smuggled in by the US intelligence forces, including doctors such as Ruff, Romberg and Strughold who carried out human experiments concerning hypothermia and air pressure. The diplomacy passport of The Josef Mengele was number 10051. Auschwitz is and should be regarded as more essential place for the geneticists than Hiroshima and nagasaki for the physicists.

The strategic names of the 30,000 fugitive Nazis and SS-officers were recruited by the Western espionages - which were thus infiltrated by KGB and GRU for their own evil deed and sincere stupidity. This single act of opportunism dug the trenches for the Cold War, because de facto every Western agent was killed behind the Iron Curtain. And so the status quo had to be reached by the nukes.

Insight into the disgrace of the Nazi genocide or research programs on inhumane experiments is: Forget about the ideology. Trace the money behind the pious smoke screen. The foreign currency prooved to be vital, when inflation raised the exchange rate fabulously high. (1.11.1923 one US dollar costed 130,000 million German marks, which consumed all of the savings of the middle class.) SA troops (storm troopers) numbered 350,000 for many years when the correspondent ultra rightwing parties got only a few percentage of the votes in elections. Who paid these private arms that were four times larger than the German army after the Versailles? SA did not manage its duties for charity and its troops were not considered "Altkämpfers", as the organization was dismantled after Hitler assumed power. Despite the title of Fritz Thyssen's (1873-1951) book "I paid Hitler" (1941) the sum of 1 million German marks displayed in it is not satisfactory. Fritz Thyssen fled from the Nazi-Germany after the invasion of Poland. He did not acknowledge the authorship of the I paid Hitler, however. Was the book a public cover?

Dear Markku Niskala, you are the former secretary general of the Finnish Red Cross and since 1.1.2004 the secretary general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. What if you would wellcome MDA (Magen David Amon, Red Shield of David) to join your politically and religiously neutral organization? It is no Swastika. Besides, Finland has been ranked as the least corrupted country every year in the new millennium in the Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index.

I can't resist thinking that even the humanitarian endeavours with the most high profile are being bought into a new, sophisticated, round of "Judenfrage". The UN Commission on Human Rights judged Israel 40-5 for the "massacre" of Jenin – although the UN report later on in the 1st august 2002 concluded that there was no such thing. The report referred to the military operation Defensive Shield 1.3.-7.5. 2002. During this period and according to my measurements, I acknowledge Helsingin Sanomat (with a print of ~500,000 in a country of 5,000,000 people) for spending on the details of the fightings claiming a total of ~500 casualities at least the following space: 0,8 m2 of premiar page, 4,2 m2 in C1-C5 pages (of which 8 times the whole C1 was dedicated), 18 leader columns, and 5 quotes from other newspapers in the premiar. (Best wishes to the Great Pumpkin and his class-mates!)

In the april 2002 there were five foreign repoters in Finland, whereas the number was 8000 in Israel. Israel gets more attention in a week than the African continent in a year - which is the fuel of extreme groups. I’m reminded of the fact, that during the 12 years of reign by Hitler, the annihilation of Jews made a leader even in the most open New York Times only 9 times, 400,000 sample of Hungarian Jews being dismissed in 13 lanes in obscure pages.

The tragedy of the heritage of the Ernst Haeckelian German Monist League was not the mania of a corporal and a postcard artist, but indifference of the large public. The winter 2001-2 meant the rise of Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (allegedly the most famous forgery of the last century, and a Durban racism conference succé) to the top-ten list of bestsellers in the surroundings of Middle East.

A Gallup poll released on 2/26/02 (www.gallup.com/poll/) covering 10 000 respondents and 9 countries showed the following statistics regarding the belief that al-Qaida people were not responsible for the attack on the WTC twin towers: Kuwait 89%; Pakistan 86%; Indonesia 74%; Iran 59%; Lebanon 58%; Turkey 43%. When antisemitic rhetorics and conspiracy theories run this wild, there is little doubt that they will result in an action, sooner or later. One thing for sure: Israel will be blamed for the escalation.

Let us remember, that during 1967-1993 six universities were laid for the tragical Palestinian people who - according to the article 14 of the PLO Covenant - are commanded as a "vanguard" between the fronts in a bigger struggle. Under the Israeli government, infrastructure was build in the West Bank in the form of water conduits, wiring, streets, sewerage, and establishment of welfare services, despite the ongoing wars. In 1970-1986 the amount of Palestinian women having not gone to school decreased from 67 to 32%. In 1967-1988 the number of comprehensive- and seconary schools for Palestinian youth increased by one third.

Out of all the cases handled by the UN Commission on Human Rights, 25% of the judgments have been focused against the single democracy of Israel. One third of the cases brought up to the General Assembly target the same nation. Shakespeare wrote his Merchant of Venice near the end of the expulsion of Jews from England (1290-1650). Are we descending to a modern Shylock-stereotypology with the short memory of the media world war?

Strange, isn't it?



Pelasta elämä - lahjoita verta!



Safe a Life - Donate Blood!

Jos painovoima loppuisi NYT! niin milloin se vaikuttaisi miljardin valovuoden päässä olevassa kohteessa? Tangentin suuntaisesti.
Valovuodet eivät ole ajan yksikkö. Valovuosi mittaa etäisyyttä, ei historiaa.

Edes valonnopeus ei mahdollisesti olekaan vakio ja saattaa rapistua asymptoottisesti arvoon 300 000 km/s.

Mutta  "gravitonia" ei ole vielä löydettykään. Se on liian nopea. Ajan lyhyt hysteria.


If Gravitation would stop to exist NOW! When would it be seen in a remote star?

 Straight via tangentia.

Light years are not a measure of time or history, but of distance.

 Even the speed of light may not be constant, after all, and may decay asymptotically to 300 000 km/s.

In contrast to the Photon, the "Graviton" has not been even found yet. It is so fast. The short hystery of time.